4 Solfeggi for Euphonium or Tuba and Piano (printed and shipped)

Gioachino Rossini, arr. Robert Benton


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From the editor:

The pieces in this volume came from a collection of 18 Gorgheggi, 4 Solfeggi and 12 Nuovi Vocalizzi by Gioachino Rossini (1702-1868). The Gorgheggi are scale patterns and exercises for learning, turns, ornaments and other embellishments. The 4 Solfeggi are training pieces that are much more musical than the Gorgheggi. They are melodic, have accompaniments, and are functionally wordless songs. I would put these in a similar category to several of the Kopprasch horn etudes; quite musical, but still primarily pedagogical in nature. While an effective performer can bring enough musicianship to these to make them viable exam jury or recital repertoire, they still have the feel of training pieces due to the limited ranges, simpler harmonic designs, repeated melodic figures, etc. The Vocalizzi (published separately by Potenza in versions for both euphonium and tuba) have much more depth than the Solfeggi, and stand on their own merit amongst the more serious works of Rossini. They are the equal to-albeit in a different style than- Rachmaninov’s famous Vocalise Op. 34 No. 14.

These Rossini etudes are another entry into the realm of performative-yet-pedagogical material. They are truly in the bel canto style, yet to my ear, have more depth than your average Bordogni etude. Each of these etudes requires-or develops-flexibility, beauty of sound, and the utmost lyricism possible for brass musicians.

These etudes are ideal for either unaccompanied or accompanied performance, with the included piano accompaniment making them especially suitable for lesson, juries, and solo recitals.

– Dr. Robert Benton

Score and parts included: euphonium BC/TC, tuba


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