Christoph Nils Thompson

Composer Christoph Nils Thompson’s catalog is as diverse as his musical background. Influences from classical, film, jazz and popular music come to a refined blend in his works. Aesthetically always aiming to communicate a clear idea and emotion to the listener, his music speaks to performers and audiences alike. Believing in the beauty of construction, he deeply respects the past masters of music and seeks to build upon and expand their ideas rather than to break with them.

His Sonatas for solo instruments have been performed throughout the United States and Europe and have entered the repertoire for the respective instruments. Performers enjoy playing his music due to the positive audience reaction that they receive and the high expressiveness in every piece.

World class performers such as Gene Pokorny have performed his Sonata for Tuba and Piano, a work that has also been chosen as the required jury piece for the 2014 International Women’s Low Brass Competition.

His large ensemble works have received various prices and his recent original orchestra score for the radio drama It’s a Wonderful Life has been broadcast on Indiana public radio, while his popular music has been released on DefJam records.

Christoph Thompson’s catalogue of interesting and exciting works for all genres and instruments is constantly growing, as he never stops to explore new ways of musical expression and communication of emotion.

Christoph Thompson has studied composition with Prof. Charles Rochester Young, counterpoint with Prof. Wolfram Bieber and jazz piano and harmony with Axel Kemper Moll.

Christoph Thompson is a member of Society of Composers Incorporated (SCI) and GEMA.