Hidenori Arai


Hidenori Arai is very active as a freelance Euphonium player. He is the principal euphonium player of “Brass Band Xepher”, a member of “FUNKARU” (Euphonium Tuba Quartet) and “Bottoms Up Euphonium Tuba Quartet”.

Arai currently serves as a lecturer at Senzoku-Gakuen College of Music and executive director of the Japan Euphonium Tuba Association. He graduated from Senzoku-Gakuen College of Music at the top of all classes. Prizes include 3rd prize at the 5th Jeju International Brass Competition, 3rd prize at the 26th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition and 1st prize at the 7th Tsuken Concours. As an artist and educator, he has appeared at many festivals, academies and conferences including “Asia Tuba Euphonium Festival 2016-2018” and “International Tuba Euphonium Conference 2019” in Iowa.

As a composer, in 2012, he was commissioned by the Japan Euphonium Tuba Association to compose a required piece for the 2nd J.E.T.A. Student Competition and one of his compositions was elected as a finalist for the ITEA Winston Morris Award for Tuba Ensemble Composition 2021.

He has released three CDs; “Nasota” in 2017, “Changing Weather” in 2019 and “Euphonium à la carte” in 2021.

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