Josh Gardner

Joshua Gardner is the clarinet instructor at Glendale Community College. With a strong interest in pedagogical research, Gardner is currently collaborating with the Vocal Tract Visualization Laboratory at the University of Maryland Dental School to study tongue motion during clarinet performance using ultrasound. In July 2008, Gardner won first prize in the International Clarinet Association Research Competition with a lecture entitled Ultrasonographic Investigation of Clarinet Multiple Articulation. He has also been invited to present his collaborative research at Ultrafest V, hosted by Haskins Laboratories, an affiliate of Yale University. He is co-author of the clarinet method book, Extreme Clarinet, which focuses on extended techniques such as multiple articulation, circular breathing, and upper-register tone production. In June 2009, Gardner performed the new double concerto Freebirds, by Scott McAllister with Robert Spring and the Arizona State University Wind Band at Disney Hall in Los Angeles, CA.

Gardner received the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Arizona State University in 2010, where he studied with Dr. Robert Spring. Gardner received Bachelor degrees in Music Education and Clarinet Performance from the University of Kentucky, where he studied with Dr. Scott Wright and Dr. Ron Monsen.